Get Ready To Off Road With Fox Shocks Parts in 2024


As a premier brand, Fox Shocks sets the gold standard in off-road suspension components. Built with cutting-edge technologies and meeting strict quality standards, Fox Shocks parts go the distance and deliver world-class ride quality and dampening performance. Whether you’re equipping your first off-road vehicle or your fifth, this short guide can help you make informed choices and get the performance you desire.

Understanding Fox 2.0 and 2.5 Shocks

Most Fox Shocks models come in two editions: 2.0 and 2.5. What’s the difference? Each type has a different size and capacity. The two-digit number refers to the diameter of the shock’s aluminum body, measuring 2.0 or 2.5 inches across.

If you usually drive on pavement and off-road on light terrains, Fox’s 2.0 models are ideal. For heavier off-roading applications, Fox’s 2.5 versions are a better choice. That’s because 2.5 shocks offer increased oil capacities and better heat dissipation, both key for improved suspension on challenging terrains.

How Many Miles Do Fox Shocks Last?

Most models of Fox Shocks last between 40,000 and 50,000 miles. This is an average estimate, however. Several factors impact how often you should check or replace your shocks:

  • Terrain Types: Average, muddy, sandy, and rocky terrains all impact your shocks in unique ways. Bumpier rides result in more wear and tear.
  • Driving Style: Aggressive driving can wear down shocks faster than usual, no matter what types of terrain you cover.
  • Vehicle Weight: Bumps and jolts generate rougher impacts on heavier vehicles. Shocks must naturally work harder to dampen impacts and deliver solid performance.
  • Driving Conditions: Extreme temperatures and frequent exposure to moisture also impact shocks’ longevity and performance.
  • Manufacturer Recommendations: Fox typically recommends rebuilding shocks on non-racing vehicles every season and after every race on racing vehicles.
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The style of shocks you buy and the frequency of maintenance can impact their lifespan. If you go off-road several times a month, visually inspect them every 10,000 miles and perform maintenance if needed. Fox recommends several tasks for regular off-road shock maintenance approximately every 500 miles: checking nitrogen pressures, settings, bushings, Heims, and reducers as well as cleaning shock bodies and shaft bases.

Suspension Shock Absorber Kits

Fox Shocks kits usually come in two versions: front and rear. You’ll generally want to perform maintenance, rebuilds, and replacements on all your shocks simultaneously.


However, shock sets are sold separately because front and rear shocks can wear out at different rates. How they wear depends on factors such as transmission type, driving conditions, and whether the vehicle performs any towing..

More Off-Roading Components

When outfitting your off-road vehicle, shocks are just the beginning. Other components to consider include oil pumps, timing systems, water pump parts, and engine valve tools. Melling Parts carries all these and more, providing an extensive range of upgrade and replacement options.

While considering upgrades, don’t forget exterior components like rocker panels, essential for protecting your vehicle in collisions. Your preferred online auto parts retailer offers a huge selection of these items and can help you with other key tasks such as estimating rocker panel repair cost and choosing the best shocks for your vehicle.

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