Are 243 And 799 Heads the Same?

There are two types of people in the world: those who believe that 243 and 799 heads are the same, and those who don’t. I fall into the latter category. To me, it’s clear that these two numbers are not equivalent.

Are 243 And 799 Heads the Same? The short answer is no, but there are some exceptions. The main difference between the two heads is that the 243 head has a smaller combustion chamber than the 799 head.

This makes the 243 head better suited for high-performance applications where power and efficiency are important. There are also some other minor differences between the two heads, but in general, they’re not too significant.

What is the Difference between 799 And 243 Heads?

When it comes to heads, there are two types that you will typically see referenced – 799 and 243. So, what is the difference between these two types of heads? The main difference between 799 and 243 heads is the amount of valve lift that they can provide.

799 heads have a higher valve lift capability than 243 heads, meaning they can provide more airflow into the engine. This often results in increased power output from the engine. 243 heads also tend to be lighter than 799 heads, which can be beneficial for race applications where every ounce counts.

Additionally, 243 heads typically have smaller combustion chambers than 799 heads. This can lead to a higher compression ratio in the engine, which can further increase power output. So, which type of head is best for your application?

If you are looking for maximum power output, then 799 heads may be the way to go. However, if weight savings and a high compression ratio are your goals, then 243 Heads may be a better option.

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What is Special About 243 Heads?

The 243 heads have several special features that make them ideal for certain applications. First, they have a very small combustion chamber which helps to increase the compression ratio and improve engine efficiency. Second, the exhaust ports are designed to promote scavenging of the exhaust gas, which further increases engine power.

Finally, the intake ports are specially shaped to promote airflow into the cylinder and improve volumetric efficiency.

What Engine Did 799 Heads Come On?

799 heads were used on the 396 and 427 engines.

Are 799 Heads Any Good?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the idea of whether or not 799 heads are any good. Some people swear by them, while others think they are nothing special. So, what is the truth?

Are 799 heads any good? In short, yes, 799 heads can be very good. They have the potential to offer significant gains in terms of power and performance.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all 799 heads are created equal. There are variations among different brands and models that can impact quality and performance. Additionally, how you install and use your 799 heads will also affect results.

Overall, if you choose a high-quality set of 799 heads and use them properly, you can expect to see some serious improvements in your engine’s output. If you’re looking for maximum power gains, however, you may want to consider other options such as porting and polishing or aftermarket cylinder head upgrades.

LS 225cc heads done 243/799

243 Heads

243 Heads is an independent game development studio based in the UK. We make original, narrative-driven video games for PC, Mac and Linux.

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Our first game, To The Moon, was released in 2011 and has since been downloaded over 2 million times.

It’s available on Steam, GOG, Humble Store and Our second game, A Bird Story, was released in 2014 and is also available on the above platforms. We’re currently working on our third game, Finding Paradise (formerly known as Project Flicker).

799 Heads Specs

799 Heads Specs The 799 heads are a set of high performance cylinder heads for the LS7 engine. They were developed by GM in partnership with Katech Inc., and are currently used in the Corvette Z06.

The 799 heads feature larger intake and exhaust ports, as well as taller intake and exhaust valves. These heads also have a higher compression ratio than the stock LS7 heads, making them ideal for race applications.

Are 799 Heads Good

When it comes to finding the best heads for your 799 engine, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you want to make sure that the heads you choose are going to be compatible with the rest of your engine. Secondly, you’ll want to find heads that offer good airflow and porting.

And lastly, you’ll want to choose heads that offer a good valve train. With these factors in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best heads for your 799 engine. One option when it comes to 799 Heads is the Dart Iron Eagle Platinum series.

These heads offer great compatibility with the rest of your engine, as well as excellent airflow and porting. They also come with an impressive valve train, making them a great choice for those looking for top-of-the-line performance.

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Another great option when it comes to 799 Heads is the Brodix Track 1 series.

These heads offer excellent airflow thanks to their large intake ports, as well as great porting and compatibility with the rest of your engine. They also feature a strong valve train, making them another great choice for those seeking top performance from their 799 engine.

799 Heads Vs 706

There are a few things to consider when comparing the 799 heads to the 706 heads. First, let’s look at the general differences between the two: The 799 heads have larger valves than the 706 heads, which means they can flow more air and make more power.

They also have a higher compression ratio, which helps them make even more power. However, this also means that they require premium fuel to run properly. The 706 heads have smaller valves than the 799 heads, which limits how much air they can flow and how much power they can make.

However, this also makes them less expensive to build and maintain. Additionally, the lower compression ratio of the 706 heads means that they can run on regular fuel without any issues. So, what does all of this mean for you?

If you’re looking for maximum power potential, then you’ll want to go with the 799 heads. However, if you’re looking for an economical option that still offers good performance, then the 706 heads may be a better choice for you.


According to the blog post, there is no difference between 243 and 799 heads. They are both made of the same materials and have the same dimensions. The only difference is that 243 heads have a smaller diameter hole than 799 heads.

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