Automotive Exhaust Gas Purifiers: What Are They For And What To Do If They Fail?


We express our gratitude to Andrey Levashenko, the creator of AutoCatalystMarket and a specialist in the recycling of exhaust after-treatment systems, for his valuable assistance in delving into this matter. Nobody can provide a more comprehensive insight into this subject than Andrey Levashenko, given that AutoCatalystMarket has been engaged in the substitution and disposal of second-hand exhaust gas purifiers for more than a decade.

During this time, thousands of car owners have turned to the company to “revive” their vehicles, and all their requests have been successfully fulfilled. On the company’s website at, you can check the catalytic converter scrap price and get advice on this issue.

What Is An Exhaust Aftertreatment System, And Why Is It Needed?

An exhaust after-treatment system is a special filter that reduces the concentration of harmful substances in exhaust gases. Otherwise, the vehicle will not pass environmental certification. However, there is an opinion that the value is not very high in practice, so it is better to get rid of it as soon as possible to make the car run more dynamically and avoid potential problems. We explain whether this is true, how the neutralizer works, why it can break down, and whether catalytic converter recycling is worth doing.

Why Is The Item Not Working?

In principle, an exhaust after-treatment mechanism should function properly without any maintenance and is built to last for the entire lifespan of the automobile. However, this sophisticated component is highly susceptible to the effects of driving conditions, fuel quality, and engine efficiency.

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Dysfunctions in associated systems can cause rapid deterioration of the critical auto part. Any pre-owned vehicle that has driven over 100,000 km is susceptible to a defective converter.

Why Is It Advantageous To Sell Your Exhaust Gas Purifiers Through AutoCatalystMarket Service?

If you are experiencing issues with your important car detail, the best option is to sell it. We recommend doing this through the AutoCatalystMarket service. You can set the catalytic converter price yourself by looking at the catalog. Many car owners consider a radical solution to the problem – removing the exhaust after-treatment system. However, in addition to the moral (air pollution) aspects, technical aspects must also be taken into account.


Simply removing and welding a piece of pipe in its place will not work. To ensure the correct operation of the onboard electronics, it will be necessary to install devices that “deceive” the lambda probes or reflash the engine control unit. How stable the car will be after such an operation depends entirely on the qualifications of the specialist. In other words, it’s a lottery.

Therefore, we recommend checking the catalytic converter price lookup and not risking your car, nerves, and budget. You can also buy universal (repair) important car detail, which is usually made using inexpensive materials and without taking into account the individual characteristics of cars.

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