Reasons Why You Should Choose an Automotive Shop Owner with a Digital Automotive System


For those who don’t know, a digital automotive system allows a garage owner to manage the operations of their garage better. This includes helping technicians manage job services, increasing customer relations with effective appointments and job handling, creating e-invoices, scheduling and setting reminders, and more.

With so much being offered, it’s important that you choose an automotive garage with a digital automotive system. That being said, we’re here to highlight some reasons that will surely compel you to prioritize it. So, let’s begin:

Easy Scheduling

One of the best things about the automotive system is that it allows easy scheduling. Gone are the days when you had to wait in line for the mechanic to look at your vehicle. You can easily find automotive shops that are using this system.

It helps with scheduling an appointment for clients that can easily be integrated with calendar applications. You and the mechanic will find the appointment scheduled and will be notified accordingly.

It’s a great feature for those who are working on a strict schedule and don’t have time to wait in line. With this, you can easily schedule what you need, i.e., maintenance check, repairs, etc., and schedule the appointment right away.

Better Customer Service

In addition to scheduling, you also get enhanced customer service. This happens because customers now have easy access to the shop’s platform, which is integrated with its social profiles, website, and listings.


Knowing that the customer can leave a negative feedback on a bad experience creates a sense of responsibility in the technicians. But on the other side, a good experience can earn a positive feedbacks as well, which will ultimately increase the brand’s value.

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Plus, chat support is also available for such systems, giving instant response to the customers for any need.

Real-Time Service

Another great thing apart from scheduling appointments from such shops is that you can get real-time service. This happens when you create an account on the shop’s site and enter details of your car as well as schedule an appointment.

Each stage is incorporated with the shop’s system and takes real-time entries for what the customers are interacting with when and what they are scheduling, and other services. If it’s offering an app, then you can easily enable notifications that will make it easier to get updates on your vehicle’s performance.

You can also get notified in real time about the status of your car, enabling you to know when it needs maintenance and whether you can schedule an appointment right away or not. To get constant updates, you need a limitless data connection so that you don’t miss one. In this regard, you can sign yourself up for Xfinity internet plans since they include superfast connectivity with on-the-go connectivity.

Time Efficient

One thing that we’ve already mentioned earlier was the easy scheduling feature that saved time. However, with such a system at an automotive shop, you can easily save time by getting a real-time service without any hassle.

How? Well, the latest update on digital automotive systems is the incorporation of AI. Most recently, a Minnesota-based startup named Raise a Hood has empowered their shop with AI systems that allow customers to operate their vehicles throughout the maintenance process.

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In other words, the AI bot can easily diagnose the issue with the information that the customers are inputting; using that, it can easily recommend the solution. Well, that’s not it; it offers a virtual consultation, enabling the customers to carry out the process themselves.

It’s that simple! It’s even more convenient when you’re on the clock and can’t find a mechanic or an appointment.

Get Discounts

Who doesn’t like discounts? Well, if you’re able to find an automotive store with such a system, you can surely get a discount. In most cases, with an online presence, brands tend to offer referral programs and discounts for the customers that bring more clients.


With such automotive systems, you can easily generate opportunities for acquiring discounts by ranking the service experience positively and signing up for a referral program. Even if you’re sharing the online feedbacks with other customers, a single conversion can earn you points or even get free services.

Plus, you can easily earn loyalty points, such as the ones offered by big brands such as McDonald’s, and use them to get exciting discounts, coupons, and other perks. Speaking of which, such shops also offer discount coupons when you subscribe to their newsletter or share their brand on social profiles. Something to keep with you.

Closing Notes

Finding an automotive store with a digital automotive system is surely an amazing thing because you get so many perks and features with it. So, the next time you’re looking for maintenance, we’ve mentioned above the reasons why you should go for such an automotive store.

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